Tuition fees

Statutory tuition fees

A student is required to pay tuition fees for each year they are enrolled at an education institution. In most cases, the student pays the statutory tuition fee. The amount of statutory tuition fee varies per academic year. Currently, the statutory tuition fee for the academic year 2017-2018 is 2.006 euro. If you have already finished a study before your current study you will have to pay institutional fees. This does not apply for a first masters degree.

Institutional tuition fees

Institutional tuition fees are decided upon by the institution’s executive board. The executive board may differ per programme or per group of programmes, or per groups of students. Usually, institutional tuition fees are higher than statutory tuition fees, which is why students intend to avoid institutional tuition fees. A student who does not meet the conditions as stated in article 7.45a Act on Higher Education and who is not enrolled at the Open University, is obliged to pay institutional tuition fees. A student is required to pay institutional tuition fees when they enrol in a bachelor programme after already having acquired a bachelor degree, or if the student enrols in a master programme after having already completed a graduate programme. There are two exceptions ridding a student who pursues a second degree from institutional tuition fees: first, a student is allowed to avoid institutional fees when they start a second bachelor or master degree prior to completing their first degree. In this case, the student needs to enrol in the second programme before taking the final exam of the first programme. The second exception is applicable to students who, after completing their bachelor/master degree, wish to start schooling in healthcare or education for the first time. Also in this case, the student is free from institutional tuition fees.