Finding a room

Are you looking for a place to stay in the Netherlands? On this page we provide an easy overview of the websites that could be useful for you! We have listed the good and the bad websites for rooms in the Netherlands. This is based on the prices, the amount of bad landlords active on the website, and type of rooms. Before you accept a room in the Netherlands you should read the contract carefully and check whether or not your room is priced decently. Beware: some rooms are just too good to be true!

Recommended national websites:

Only expats is focused on the international student market. Prices vary, but there are always rooms available in many different cities.

IamExpat is for international students as well. This website has a good search engine, plenty of rooms and locations all over the Netherlands.

  • Esteon (Price: €9,95 per month for 3-months, or €7.95 per month for 6-months)

This website provides an easy overview with which you can easily search for a perfect room for you. You can set up a profile on the website with your preferences in order to find a matching room. There are lots of rooms available. Esteon also has an app so you can check for rooms on your phone easily.

  • (Price: €10,- for 1 month, €15,- for 6-months, €20,- for a year)

This website might not have the largest supply of student rooms, but there are a lot of apartments available as well. Perhaps you can find your own roommates?

his website offers the biggest network of hosts and guest families in the Netherlands. All hosts are personally verified, which makes this platform a safe choice. Rental prices are often lower than the average on the private housing market. Staying with a host or guest family will provide you with a soft landing in town and is the perfect way to get in touch with the local culture and language. You’ll have your own private room and shared facilities, like a kitchen and bathroom. Registration at is free and there’s no limit in responding to hosts. They have a no room, no pay concept and only charge a one-time matchmaking fee of €295 when you find a room.

This website has a large supply of rooms. After a trial period of 3 days (for €2.95) the subscription automatically becomes €9.95 per 30 days. So don’t forget to unsubscribe once you found your place.

  • Kamernet (Price: €19,- per 15 days or €30,- per month)

This is an expensive website, but the amount of available rooms on the website makes up for that. Unfortunately there are so many students on this website that most good rooms are gone in a blink of an eye. This could make finding a room difficult, especially for international students.

  • (Price: €19,95 per 14 days, €24,95 per 30 days, of €29,95 for 60 days)

Unfortunately, this website is only available in Dutch. This website has a large assortment of available rooms. The website is not cheap though. We have heard a lot of good stories concerning the website, but some bad ones as well. Please be careful and don’t accept a room before checking it out.

Once you filter out the appartments there are some student rooms left on Funda. Renting though this website might cost realtor fees though.

  • Facebook (Free)

Kamer gezocht/aangeboden (Group)

KamerGezocht (Page)

We do NOT recommend these websites:

The Student Hotel and the Dutch student union have been engaged for quite a while. We reject the high rental fees and the way in which the Student Hotel fails to comply with student housing rights, by appealing to hotel rights. asks illegal additional fees. These fees can amount to 600 Euros and that is before you can even enter the room.

Housing anywhere does not check it’s landlords. There are a lot of known bad landlords active on this website.

Options per city:

Click on the name of the city you would like to live/study in!

The links on these pages do not (yet) mention prices and are not divided in good and bad websites. We have tried to provide an overview that is as complete as possible. If you have any suggestions for additions or any remarks concerning the pages, please send an e-mail to














If you rent this way you face indefinite stays and receive no tenant rights. This we can only recommend if you are able to pack up your things and leave for another place at any time. This could be the case for students that do not live far from the Netherlands (e.g. Germany or Belgium).

  1. Camelot
  2. Ad hoc beheer
  3. Interveste

Remember! Anti-squatting is risky.