An important value of education is self-development. Education must therefore also offer this in daily practice. Naturally, students must be challenged, as well as supported in the process towards self-development by the regular curriculum of an education programme. The LSVb offers an additional broader spectrum of opportunities leading to self-development.

There should be an offer of extracurricular activities which should be acknowledged as internal elements of the followed education programme. For extracurricular education activities, the same values and conditions apply as in regular education. In addition, there must be a broad range of cultural activities available, both in the educational institution and in the city in which the institution is situated. There must be sufficient opportunities for students to develop in a societal fashion, in order for them to become involved with the world around them.

Students also play an active role in the realisation of this condition. An active student- board- and association life is very important. Students must be able to engage in extracurricular activities, develop and enrich themselves within student associations.