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Are you an international student studying in the Netherlands? Please note that you might need to get a Dutch health insurance. Whether or not this will be necessary depends on your home country and what else you do in the Netherlands (e.g. working or an internship).

Do you want to check whether or not you are obliged to take a Dutch health insurance? Go to the EP-Nuffic checklist and find out what kind of insurance you would need. You can also check what you need to be properly insured in the Netherlands here.

Studenten Goed Verzekerd: Composed by LSVb, ISO and Zilveren Kruis.

Every Dutch person over the age of 18 is obliged to take out basic health insurance. A lot of people do this via work, as their employer can enforce a group discount from a healthcare insurer. Normally, students will not be able to take part in a group plan through an employer, because they are after all fulltime students.

With that thought in mind, student organisations ISO and LSVb set up a foundation in 2006. Through this foundation, ISO and LSVb, in collaboration with Zilveren Kruis Achmea and Aon as an independent advisor, have set up a group plan, which means students can now indeed receive a group discount: Studenten Goed Verzekerd. Together we have made sure that this student healthcare package ties in exactly with what students need.

The basic healthcare insurance is available from €103.46 per month. Also, the premium is extra low thanks to the 10% group discount on the basic healthcare insurance, the supplementary insurance from €5.50 per month and a dental insurance from €6.10. This means that this year too, we are offering the least expensive health insurance in the Netherlands.

The benefits of the student healthcare package:

  • A 10% discount on the basic healthcare insurance
  • Supplementary insurance from €5.50 per month
  • Dental insurance from €6.10

For all information about the student healthcare package, please visit

Applying for student healthcare insurance

If you turn 18 in the course of the year, you yourself have to apply for health insurance by law. If you are already a student following Dutch higher education or will soon be graduating, you can take out health insurance with Studenten Goed Verzekerd.

Have you taken out insurance elsewhere and want to switch to StudentenGoedVerzekerd? You can make that switch before the new calendar year. Zilveren Kruis will organise the transfer and they will also ensure your old insurance is cancelled. Visit to enter your details and to take out health insurance. This site also shows you all the policy conditions and general terms and conditions that apply to the student healthcare insurance.