Dutch Student Union creates contact point for issues concerning rent allowance

News - Saturday 21 January 2017

On July 1st, 2013, the Act ‘Basic Registrations Addresses and Buildings’ (Dutch acronym: BAG) has been updated. This means i.a. that dependent residencies, such as student rooms, are no longer eligible for individual house numbers. A student room that used to have house number 2D, for example, will henceforth have house number 2. This is ought to be arranged by January 1st, 2017.

However, this may have significant impacts on your allowances. By merging residents of dependent residences together into one big unit with 1 address, unwarranted compositions of households may arise within the Tax Authority (Dutch: Belastingdienst/Toeslagen). It is of importance that the overall income of your house is not too high. Since rent allowance takes into account the income of your housemate(s) registered at the same address, it may seem as if you have too high of an income and are thus not eligible for rent allowance.

The Tax Authority is working on adequately marking the changes of addresses within its own systems, in order to prevent unwarranted merging of households. Through this sub-administration, the Tax Authority sees who is living in which residential unit, and whether the residential unit qualifies for entitlement to rent allowance.

The LSVb entered into a dialogue with Kences, the association of housing corporations, and the Tax Authority about the practical issues that students face in the disappearance of their dependent address. Due to this approach, the Tax Authorities composed a list with answers to the most frequently asked questions, which you may find here. Kences, LSVb and the Tax Authority maintain the dialogue in order to adequately solve problems that have emerged. Added to that, a contact point has been set up. Are you experiencing difficulties after having read the Q&A and having talked to your landlord? You may send an email to bagregistratie@lsvb.nl.