Rent check


This check is meant for dependent residences, such as a room in student complex.

Municipality and rent


Private sector: this means that the renting process of the residence is not administered through a housing association or corporation, but instead is executed by a private lessor or estate agent – in other words: your landlord.

Student corporation: your housing provider is either a non-profit organisation that is committed to the construction, management and rent of affordable housing, or a foundation/association that is specifically concentrated on renting to students.

General corporation: your housing provider is either a non-profit organization that focuses on the construction, maintenance and rent of affordable housing, or an association/foundation.

Rental fee that only relates to the rented living area, i.e. without additional charges such as gas and light, water, service fees.

Surface area and roommates

The surface area of the hallway/landing/hall does not count towards the calculation. The rooms need to be measured at a height of one-and-a-half meters. Round to two decimal places.

These areas need to be heated and together be bigger than 15m2; otherwise the total surface area of these areas will not be included in the calculation.

In most cases, the number of residential units equals the number of people in the house.


A central heating boiler or a boiler is part of the central heating system that secures warm water and therefore facilitates the method with which the house is heated.


A personal kitchen is ought to have: a kitchen counter that is at least 1 meter long, a plug for a fridge, warm water, a plug for a hotplate. Does your kitchen not include these? Then you may select the option: 'my kitchen does not meet the requirements for a kitchen'.

Toilet and washing facility

Outdoor area

Within this definition falls a balcony, garden, terrace or patio

A bike shed must be roofed and have a surface area of at least 2 m2



General information