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The Dutch Student Union (Dutch acronym: LSVb) is the advocate for students in the Netherlands! The LSVb is actively dedicated to realising better and affordable education, better and affordable housing, more involvement for students and good counselling and guidance.

Phone: +31 (030) 231 64 64
Contact us via WhatsApp: +31 (0)6 273 820 88

Mailbox 1335
3500 BH Utrecht

Drieharingstraat 6
3511 BJ Utrecht

Press & Image
For questions, press and media may approach Alex Tess Rutten.
    +316 34 18 54 00

Download here the press package with logos and footage belonging to the LSVb.

We would like to refer journalism students to the secretariat of the LSVb.
    +31 (030) 231 64 64