Disclaimer for lsvb.nl

The Dutch Student Union (Chamber of Commerce: 40479852), also goes by the Dutch acronym LSVb, is hereby permitting you access to lsvb.nl. The LSVb publishes texts containing information, images and other materials. The LSVb reserves the right to amend the materials at any moment without a prior notice. Added to that, all the fees on our website are subjected to typing- and programming errors. No liability is accepted for the consequences of such errors. Nor will the LSVb accept liability for hyperlinks to websites or services of third parties that are on our website.

Limited liability

The LSVb aims to update and/or add to the content of the Website as frequently as possible. Yet, the possibility remains that the content is incomplete and/or incorrect. The materials offered on our website are devoid of any form of warranty or claim of correctness. These materials may be altered at any moment without a prior notice of the LSVb. Moreover, all fees indicated on our website are subject to typing- and programming errors. We will not accept liability for the consequences of such errors, nor will we accept liability for our website’s hyperlinks directing to the websites or services of third parties.

A maximum of one year for:

  • Personal data of people in the student panel (following deregistration).
  • Personal data of research participants (following the conclusion of the research).
  • Personal data provided via survey.lsvb.nl (following the conclusion of the research).

One to two months for:

  • Personal data acquired via contact points (following the termination of the contact point).
  • Personal data acquired via phone calls.
  • Personal data of people who registered for the newsletter (following deregistration).

Personal data acquired via the research agency pertaining to a certain research of the LSVb will be stored for three years in an encrypted internal archive following the conclusion of the research (after the above-mentioned term). This applies to the information belonging to the student panel, survey.lsvb.nl as well as other personal data pertaining to the research. After three years, this data will thus be permanently deleted.


The LSVb owns all the rights of intellectual property belonging to these materials. Copying, spreading and any other use of these materials is not allowed without a written consent of the LSVb.

It is not allowed to record webpages or individual elements (like images, videos or interactive applications) of our website onto a frameset or through an inline link and put these on other webpages, when this may cause confusion about the origin of the material.


The LSVb reserves the right to amend the content of these terms of use at any time. These amendments come into force directly after publication.