Research agency

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The research agency engages in research on current issues related to education.

The LSVb manages a research agency that is engaged in research on current issues related to education. This research is executed through a (Dutch) student panel.

The topics of research to which the agency is dedicated are brought forward by the board of the LSVb, divisions of the LSVb, extern parties as SOM and LOF, or devised by the researchers themselves. Since the agency itself decides on the set-up and execution of the research, it operates independently within the LSVb. The results will be reported to the board and published in the form of research reports. Conclusions drawn from these reports may support the LSVb in public debates. The research agency aids the LSVb in taking on viewpoints and in building arguments concerning all issues relevant to students. All of the research is in Dutch; for a list of completed research, you can visit ourĀ Dutch page.