About us

The LSVb is the advocacy organization for all students in the Netherlands! We are dedicated to better and affordable education, better and affordable housing, more involvement for students and good study counselling and guidance.


The LSVb was founded in 1983 in Delft, but the history of student union formation goes back further. In 1963, the Dutch Student Movement (Studentenvakbeweging, SVB, in Dutch) was founded. This initiative followed the example of the French Union Nationale des Étudiants Français. In those years, the SVB is strongly committed to tuition reimbursement and other material advocacy for the student.  As the 60s progress, the SVB polarises and becomes more left oriented. In 1968 large student riots take place in France. Initially, things remain calm in the Netherlands, but a year later the famous occupation of the Maagdenhuis takes place. Shortly after this, the SVB goes down in further radicalisation.

In 1971, the National Consultative Board (Dutch: Landelijk Overleg Grondraden, LOG) was founded. The LOG is partially represented by the same clubs within the SVB and may thus be considered as a kind of re-launch.

"First, they steal my bike, now my public transport” - student protest organised by the LSVb in the 90s

Board 2022 – 2023

Joram van Velzen Chair
Press & media, Communications, Student Wellbeing, Corona, Organiser,  Student Participation, Trainingen op Maat (training agency), Choaches, SER & Coality Y 

joram@lsvb.nl | +31 (0)6 34 18 54 00

Janique Scharenborg Vice Chair
Political contacts, Quality of Education, Diversity & Inclusion,   Social Savety, Inequality of opportunity, Student information,  Elections, Macro efficiency.

Janique is temporary not available. If you have any questons about the above subjects you can send an email to lsvb@lsvb.nl.
| +3130 231 64 64

Ugoeze Anyanwu Podler Secretary 
Human Resources, Coordination of Board, Accessability, Internationalization,  Selection, Stages, Premasters, Diversity & Inclusion.
ugoeze@lsvb.nl | +3130 231 64 64

Shivan Meijs Treasurer
Finances, Health Insurance, Federation, Sustainability, Board recruitment & training.
shivan@lsvb.nl | +3130 231 64 64

Midas Bosman Board member
Education Financing, Bindind Study Advice,  Judical agency, Student Housing, Flexibilisation & Digitalisation, Research Agency, Income Postion, Application Committee.
midas@lsvb.nl | +3130 231 64 64