Customised workshops (ToM)

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Customised workshops (ToM) is the workshop agency of the Dutch Student Union

The Dutch Student Union deems it of great importance that students make most of their days as a student. The study, sport and student associations, participation councils, education programme committees and other organisations all contribute to this initiative. In order to contribute, the Dutch Student Union created a workshop agency in 2005 which allowed experienced students to share their knowledge with other students. ToM-trainers have access to the knowledge and experience of the Dutch Student Union, her employees and constituency. Currently, the ToM staffs over 40 trainers with a broad spectrum of knowledge.

About the workshop sessions

Not a single workshop provided by Customised workshops (Dutch acronym: ToM) is the same. This is because ToM customises their workshops to the desires and expectations of their client. This happens in close consultation. Each kind of workshop can be requested at ToM: the trainers of ToM will dedicate themselves to creating a successful workshop. Depending on the type of request, suitable and available trainers fit for the job will be put on the workshop.

Workshop sessions provided by ToM often last 2 to 3 hours. It is also possible to request workshop days or workshop trajectories in which organisational support is offered. If you have an idea or concept for a series of workshops or a specific workshop trajectory meant for a board, council or committee, but you do not precisely know how to realise your ideas or whom to approach for this? Please feel free to call or send an email. Our trainers are often experienced within participation councils or student associations. Added to that, they have had an internal education into becoming a trainer. This is how we combine our experience and expertise with high-quality and inspiring workshop sessions.

Customised workshop

Workshop sessions are always customised based on the target group and the learning goals. Please indicate in your request what your goal is, what the participants are expected to learn or experience and what your expectations are of the workshop session. Then, the ToM-coordinator or a trainer will reach out to you.

Customised payment

ToM utilises a customised payment system. The client decides the price they see fit for the workshop and what they are able to miss. Due to the fact that some organisations pay more, we are also able to provide workshop sessions to organisations with a very limited budget. For a three-hour workshop, we use the following indication, yet we would like to state once again: ultimately, the client has the final say on the matter:

  • Small to medium-sized associations: around €125,-/€250,-.
  • Large associations: around €250,-/€350,-
  • Universities (of Applied Sciences): €450.

Contact information ToM


Phone number: 030 230 40 50, ask for the ToM workshop coordinator

Physical address: Drieharingstraat 6, Utrecht

Mail address: Postbus 1335, 3500 BH, Utrecht

For more information or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Request a workshop session

One can request a workshop session by calling the Dutch Student Union (+31 (030) 230 40 50), or by sending an email to

Become a trainer yourself?

Each year around January/February and May/June, the ToM is looking for new trainers. During that period, we are on the lookout for trainers that enjoy providing diverse training sessions to students active at regular universities and universities of applied sciences. Our trainers are often experienced within student organisations or participation bodies, but this is not a criterion. Experience with providing workshop sessions is not required, since ToM encourages trainers to gain experience. All trainers will receive an internal education of three days and support in various ways in order to master the skill of training.