Studenten Overleg Medezeggenschap

The Studenten Overleg Medezeggenschap (Dutch acronym: SOM) supports students in student & employee representation bodies belonging to universities of applied sciences. Students active in student & employee representation partake in dialogues with the Executive Board (Dutch acronym: CvB) tackling issues such as policy, finances and the (quality of) education. For advice, tips or direct support, students can approach the SOM.

The SOM is unique in the Netherlands. No other organisation is as directly involved in the support and reinforcement of the student & employee representation of universities of applied sciences as the SOM. The SOM responds to the needs and offers information as well as training sessions.

For more information, please visit This website will provide you with all relevant information regarding the SOM. You may also reach out to us directly and send an email to for more information.

The current SOM coordinators are Richard Gertsen and Carline van Breugel.