Submitting an appeal to the Higher Education Appeals Tribunal (Dutch acronym: CBHO)

The CBHO is the supreme tribunal hearing appeals in the field of higher education. In case your objection or appeal has been dismissed by your university’s executive board, or denied by the CBE, you may appeal to the CBHO. The CBHO charges a court fee of €45, which will be reimbursed if one’s appeal is allowed. The CBHO evaluates the appeal marginally. This means that the decision of the executive board or the CBE will not be reexamined in its entirety. Instead, the CBHO will merely establish whether the verdict by the prior institutions was lawful and thus complied with all significant procedural rules. In practice, the CBHO denies a large proportion of the submitted appeals. It is therefore of importance to adequately justify (in juridical terms) the reasons for the appeal. At the CBHO, just like at the CBE, it is possible to request a provisional injunction. An injunction is a ruling by the CBHO in which the tribunal, before reaching a decision on the case, decides that the student’s request will be realized up until the final ruling. Ultimately, when the tribunal reaches a decision, the provisional injunction expires. In cases of urgency, the CBHO may choose to proceed with an accelerated procedure. When this happens, the terms are shortened and there are fewer opportunities to exchange (pieces of) information. It is not possible to appeal against a ruling of the CBHO. For more information, please visit the website of the CBHO.

Unfortunately, proceedings at the CBHO remain to be conducted in the Dutch language. Should you not speak Dutch yourself, you are allowed to bring someone with you, who does. You can also authorise a Dutch-speaker to represent you at the CBHO.