Preliminary injunction

In case you believe that the CBE needs to proceed their ruling with urgency, you may include a request for a preliminary injunction in your notice of appeal. A preliminary injunction thus implies a petition for an interim ruling allowing the realization of your claim before the ruling of the CBE takes place. The interim decision is valid until the CBE reaches a final ruling. The final ruling is associated with the expiration of the preliminary injunction. The interim injunction may differ from the final ruling. A request for a preliminary injunction will be considered admissible provided that it is of urgent nature. In the case of a negative BSA, a preliminary injunction may allow you to stay enroled in the programme until the final ruling. However, this could be followed by a forced disenrolment when the CBE declares your appeal unfounded. You should always keep in mind that a preliminary injunction does not guarantee a similar final ruling. You can appeal to the CBHO against a decision of the CBE within six weeks.