Legal help and support

The dreaded binding study advice during the propaedeutic phase, the big changes regarding student grants, and the nerve-wracking graduation are the most prevalent topics addressed at the student helpline. On a daily basis, the student helpline receives emails and calls of students in higher education seeking free legal advice. Therefore, the student helpline produces a whopping 350 legal advices per year. Curious to learn how questions are processed?

First and foremost, it is of relevance for the legal department to get sent some basic information as soon as a question is posed to the student helpline, such as the full name of the student, the title of his/her degree programme, and which university/college the student attends. Then, the focus is on the exact contents of the legal issue. Subsequently, by means of the law, parliamentary acts, doctrine and regulations of the relevant institution, potential solutions to the issue are examined.

On the basis of thorough legal examination, an advice is provided to the student and in some cases, this may result in composing a written objection, appeal or petition.

The student helpline is staffed by young legal experts five days per week. Usually two legal experts are responsible for the student helpline at the LSVb. Apart from the LSVb, partner-unions in various student cities also contribute daily to the student helpline. Each of these unions has their own legal department from which support to the LSVb is provided. In the few cases that the LSVb may not provide an adequate solution, the student will be referred to a specific person or institution that may offer suitable help.

If things go wrong during one’s education, it is of vital importance that the issue is dealt with quickly. Please take a look at the student helpline page for the most up to date information. The aim is to process the issue presented within five days.