Rent tribunal

The rent tribunal is an independent governmental institution that is concerned with mediating rental disputes between the tenant and the landlord. The rule of the rent tribunal is binding for both parties involved. When one disagrees with the rule of the rent tribunal, one may appeal to the Dutch court. The rent tribunal is inter alia concerned with:

  • Splitting all-in rental rates
  • Disputes regarding the annual billing of the service costs or the size of the deposit for the service costs
  • Rent reduction in case the rental fee exceeds the maximum price of rent
  • Examination of rental agreements and their established rental fees that have existed for shorter than six months
  • Disputes regarding the annual increase in rental fees. When the tenant and the landlord fail to agree, the tenant may file a petition at the rent tribunal
  • Severe deficiencies of maintenance due to negligence by the landlord

In most cases, it is in the best interest of the relationship between tenant and landlord to settle disputes without intervention from the rent tribunal. The rent tribunal may need six months to reach a decision. For more information, please visit For similar questions, you may also approach local rentteams or helpdesks concerned with residency located in your city.


Many students find that approaching the rent tribunal is a step too far, which has prompted the municipalities and community centres of various cities to create socalled rent-teams. These teams provide aid in disputes regarding rent. These teams are more accessible than the rent tribunal and may help you in the process of settling a rental dispute. Their service is free of costs and commitments. Rent-teams are located in many student cities, and they all function similarly. They are independent and may assist you keeping the ‘score’ of the housing evaluation system by helping you measure the surfaces of your residency. You can find the (Dutch) contact details of rent-teams in various student cities at the bottom of this page. Is your city not included? Please visit your local legal advice centre for free legal advice or feel free to contact the student helpline provided by the LSVb.

Procedure at the rent tribunal

After payment of the legal administrative fee, which is 25 euros for private individuals, the rent tribunal commences examination. Depending on the type of petition, the rent tribunal may order an examination of the accommodation. Both the tenant and the landlord are informed about this examination. The landlord may be present during the examination, as long as the tenant does not refuse this. The examiner keeps a score of the accommodation and/or checks potential deficiencies in maintenance. The type of examination depends on the type of procedure and the nature of the dispute.

The examiner composes a report of his/her findings. The tenant and the landlord receive a copy of this report and are both invited to attend a public hearing of the rent tribunal. The tenant and the landlord have the opportunity to disclose all information relevant to case up until one day prior to the hearing.

During the hearing, both the tenant and the landlord have the opportunity to comment on the report. The members of the rent tribunal may ask questions to the tenant and the landlord. It is not mandatory to attend the hearing. The tenant and the landlord may choose to be represented by someone else, but this is certainly not required. This representative must have a written authorisation, with the exception of a lawyer or attorney.

If the tenant or landlord is not able to attend the hearing, it is also possible to submit written comments on the report up until one day prior to the hearing.

List of rent teams per city

Different parts of this city have different rent teams in place. For more information on the rent teams in Amsterdam please go to for adresses and office hours per city district.

The Hague
Information concerning the rent team of the Hague can be found here.

The student union of Groningen (GSb) has a rent team since 2008. For more information you can click here or call 050-3634581.

Information concerning the rent team of Hilversum can be found here.

Information concerning the rent team of Leeuwarden can be found here.

The rent team in Nijmegen reach out to tennants in their area, but you can also contact them yourself. More information can be found here or you could call 06-24 24 74 73

Information concerning the rent team of Leeuwarden can be found here or you can call 010-2142799

Information concerning the rent team of Leeuwarden can be found here or you can call 085-2734933

In Zwolle you  can visit the studentoffice of SOOZ. Their information can be found here. You can reach the office by e-mail onn On tuesday, wednesday and thursdays you can also visit the C-building of the Christian higher education institution Windesheim.