Duties as a tenant

The Dutch law provides you, the tenant, with sufficient protection. In turn, the tenant is expected to meet a number of responsibilities:

  • Pay your rent in time;
  • Conduct yourself in a responsible manner, i.e. do not cause any disturbances;
  • Take care of ‘small maintenance’, please see:
  • Leave your room behind in its original state upon departing;
  • Use the property as intended;
  • In most cases, you’re not allowed to sublease;
  • Allow for urgent renovation.

To avoid problems, it is sensible to establish a ‘state of arrival’ of your room, preferably together with the landlord, at the start of your rental term in order to determine what state your room was in prior to your residency. In order to do this, you could write a clear description and take pictures. Subsequently, when you move out, the landlord will not be able to demand you to e.g. remove slats when these were already present prior to your residency.