Financial Support Fund

Each executive board of an educational institution is required to make arrangements for financial support students may claim. This financial support may be available to students in special circumstances. Students who failed to complete their studies within the nominal study duration because of certain exceptional circumstances may be able to claim financial support. The exceptional circumstances as stated by law are:

  • Membership of the board of a decently-sized student association with full legal capacity, an education committee, the faculty board, the university council, formal representative bodies, the participation council, the student advisory committee or the student council.
  • Activities of administrative or societal significance, as considered by the educational institution’s executive board in line with the institution’s interest or the student’s educational interests.
  • Illness
  • Pregnancy or child-birth
  • A disability or chronic disease
  • An insufficiently feasible educational programme
  • Special family circumstances
  • Other identified special circumstances as decided upon by the institution’s executive board
  • Other circumstances in which an appeal for financial support is justified and a rejection of the appeal would be inequitable.

Every educational institution has regulations on the financial support fund. These regulations state the conditions that a student needs to meet before they may claim financial support. Generally, a student needs to report their special circumstances to their dean or tutor. It is of importance that the student reports these special circumstances in a timely fashion, since a late report of special circumstances may lead to a rejection of the claim for financial support. Normally, a student may appeal for financial support by submitting a request. Regulations on financial support differ greatly from each other. Therefore, it is important to consult the relevant regulation at your educational institution.