Draw for study programme

Students starting in the academic year 2017-2018 or later will no longer be divided among available spots by means of a central draw, but by decentralised selection. The programme in question decides upon the selection criteria. The application deadline for all programmes with a fixed quota will be January 15th for all selection studies. More information concerning the studies that use a decentralised selection procedure click here.

How to apply as an international student?

In order to apply the student has to enroll in a study program on Studielink (studielink.nl). Specific requirements for international students, in terms of language and diploma, are customarily in place. For comparing your diploma and checking the specific requirements you can visit www.epnuffic.nl. Most study programs have a registration deadline on the first of May. Yet, some studies have a limited capacity. These studies have a selection procedure in place which use a different deadline. You can find more information on these selection procedures in the following link.