Hard action against bad landlords

At the Dutch student union (LSVb) we have received multiple complaints concerning landlords that do not abide by Dutch laws. Have you ever had any trouble with a Dutch landlord we would love to hear your story. You can share your story anonymously at huisjesmelkers@lsvb.nl

Does your landlord threaten to cut off gas, the internet or your electricity, does he or she ask you to pay too much rent, or does your landlord refuse to do repairs? We want to hear your story! Together we can present your story to the national politics to make sure landlords abide by the law.

Our plan

The LSVb and volunteer Max Dijkstra have made a plan working together with municipalities. This plan will enables the municipalities and the renting committee to carry out more severe punishment for landslords that do not abide by the law. The plan consists of three main points.

  • New authority for municipalities to impose more sanctions and give out higher fines.
  • A “three strikes and you’re out” policy for the sanctions and fines.
  • More authority for the renting committee which ensure better collaboration with municipalities.