Finding a Room – Amsterdam

Are you looking for a place to stay in Amsterdam? The average rent in Amsterdam is €462,84 (2016). This is the highest of all Dutch cities. Finding a room could be very difficult. The supply falls short to the demand. Fortunately, there are a lot of options for finding suitable accommodation here. For more information concerning student housing in Amsterdam please contact ASVA.

University housing:

Housing corporations:

Before you can react to the rooms of de Key, DUWO, and Stadgenoot you must enlist with Studentenwoningweb [NL/EN].

Local websites & organisations:

ASVA might have some housing available. Landlords get checked and the prices are compatible. They are in short supply though.

Facebook pages:

Student Housing Amsterdam [EN] (Group)

Student Housing Amsterdam [EN] (Page)

ISN Amsterdam Housing Official [EN]

VIV Enterprise [NL/EN]

KamergezochtinAmsterdam [NL]

Kamer Huren Amsterdam [NL]

Zoekt een kamer in Amsterdam [NL]

Huurwoning of kamer huren in Amsterdam [NL]

Kamers in Amsterdam [NL]

Ik zoek appartementen [NL]

Kamers huren in Amsterdam [NL]

Do you think a website or organisation is missing and/or do you have more insights in student housing in Amsterdam? Feel free to contact us!