Why support the National Education Strike?

Geen categorie - Wednesday 13 March 2019

The Dutch Student Union calls on all students to make their voices heard. On Friday 15 March we will be at the Malieveld in The Hague at 12:00.

The Algemene Onderwijsbond  has started taking action from the 11th of march, campaigning for more investment in the education system. The week ends on 15 March with a historic education strike on the Malieveld in The Hague: For the first time, teaching staff in primary education, secondary education and higher education are going to strike on the same day. We are there. Students have to get deeper into their debts and the pressure on both student and teacher is increasing. This is the limmit!

We demand investment in young people…

… To offer students a basic grant again so that everyone can study

… To protect students against debts

We support the following demands:

… 1.75 billion must be structurally invested in higher education.

… The planned cuts in education must be canceled.

Thanks to these requirements in higher professional education, the education budget can increase with the number of students. This makes the work groups smaller and gives students the personal attention they deserve. HBO teachers can also be fairly rewarded by the investments for the work they do.

Thanks to these requirements regarding university education, arrears in funding can be caught up. This brings the education and research funds back into balance and gives teachers more room to give personal attention to students. In addition, further degradation of the quality and accessibility of education is prevented.

These requirements are of great importance to be able to guarantee and improve the quality of education. The lack of investment in teachers and support staff ultimately harms the student. Join us this friday, for time and time again, students are the victims of far-reaching cutbacks and a lack of educational investments.