Amount of international students reaches record high!

News - Monday 12 March 2018
8 march 2018  This academic year the international student count in the Netherlands hit 122.000 students. This is 10.000 students more than last academic year according to an analysis by Nuffic which was released today. The Dutch Student Union (LSVb) is concerned. “Universities do all in their power to pull international students in but they do not account for the consequences. We are calling to the universities to remain cautious and think their strategy through” according to Tariq Sewbaransingh, Chair of the LSVb.
Almost 90.000 of the 122.000 students are doing a complete bachelor- or master degree study. The other students come to the Netherlands for a short stay exchange program. On average one in eight students is an international student.
Education uses ‘anglicisation’ in order to attract international students 
Increasingly more of the Dutch education is taught in English. This is done in order to attract international students. The LSVb thinks this is a harmful trend. The student union thinks that an education in the Netherlands should only be in English if it has proven to be of extra value to the education. The accessibility of the education should be guaranteed and educations should have more attention for the quality of education. Sewbaransingh: “We see examples of educations decreasing in quality of classes all too often. Also Dutch students have to compete with international students for a spot in the follow-up education. Education is not meant to be that way”.
Housing deficit a huge problem for international students 
Last summer a lot of new international students encountered issues with finding housing in the Netherlands. In various student cities in the Netherlands international students were forced to stay in hostels, airbnb’s and campings. The strong increase in student numbers lead to an worsening in the housing problem. “We want internationals to look back with fondness on their time studying in the Netherlands and not with a false start. We will be monitoring closely whether universities are taking enough precautions for the new international students”.