Activities Landelijk Overleg Fracties

The LOF organises monthly meetings in Utrecht. Here, students active in student & employee representation bodies coming from all over the country assemble in order to discuss the status quo of student counselling and issues regarding education. For an overview of the meetings, please visit the joint website of LOF and SOM, Studentenpolitiek.

Nationwide activities

Together with the SOM, the LOF organises a number of annual nationwide training activities for students active in student & employee representation, among which the AtWorkWeekend (Dutch acronym: IWW), the Student Participation Conference and the Student Participation Masterclass.

Support and training

The LOF serves to provide assistance when questions are submitted, and to offer tips and advice on issues brought forward by students active in student & employee representation. Additionally, the SOM is allowed to offer training sessions, for example regarding the rights and duties associated with representation, but also regarding conference techniques, elections and successions. Do you have a question? Please send an email to